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Understanding Conflict

Understanding Conflict is more than just a workshop—it is an opportunity to embrace vital aspects of leadership that many leaders and managers “run away from”…. Opposition and discord. Huge mistake!

Appreciating and embracing individual differences is the medium for growing new ideas and ultimately results in transformational outcomes---in teams, within organizations and communities.

So…bring on the conflict!

Exploring Personality Using the Enneagram

The Enneagram is widely used as a means of personal and professional growth in business, academic, and human service settings. In Greek, "ennea" means nine, and "gram" indicates something written down or drawn. The Enneagram is a nine-pointed geometric figure with each of the 9 points representing a different personality profile or style. Within this system each individual has one primary personality type, but also exhibits many of the characteristics of the others. 

I saved the best for last!  The Enneagram is a way of understanding personality styles that has its roots in ancient Greece and is currently used as a tool in strategic planning and leadership development. By understanding the Enneagram we become aware of our own particular type and how it influences our motivations, patterns of thinking, and ways of interacting with others. With a greater recognition of our own ways of thinking and behaving we can gain the freedom to grow and expand our range of interactions with others. In essence, learning to take better care of ourselves will enable us to better our professional and personal relationships.

The Leader Intensive

The Leadership Intensive is wildly popular ….because everybody loves to talk about themselves!

But it gets better….this workshop is nationally recognized as a model to develop stronger interprofessional teams. The core program engages participants in developing a deeper understanding of individualized personality preferences and promotes the view that interpersonal differences make us stronger as a group.

If your group needs to understand what makes them “tick” individually, as a team and as a group---this 2-3 day program is for you.

Because contemplating every view is essential to connect with others

 "A leader without followers is just a person out for a long walk."

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A variety of customized methods are used in the organizational setting to promote leadership competencies, interpersonal dynamics, core team development and client relations. Workshops for small or large groups are customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. Participants are actively engaged through a variety of learning experiences, including video presentations and strategic planning methods to promote team development and to improve client relations.

Process And Tools

All psychological assessment instrument feedback reports are considered private and confidential property of the participant. Instruments are debriefed in group sessions. Participants apply and reflect on what they have learned from these leadership assessment instruments during the Inside Out leadership training program. Participants also have access to Dr. Rosenberg and Inside Out associated executive coaches certified in the instruments for further follow up.

Navigating Change... 'Cause Change is the New Normal

If I could only choose one workshop--Navigating Change is the one I would take to my desert island. Change is a constant and understanding one’s own ‘change preference’ and that of others is essential to navigating the evolving workplace.

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