National Initiatives

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Talk about a “game changer”!

Inside Out is a partner with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Clinical Scholars Program

This program is one of 4 programs funded under, A Culture of Health, the Foundation’s most ambitious initiative to date. Fellows in this program are challenging the healthcare status quo and inspiring us all to “be bold” and envision of new way of doing business.

Check out the Clinical Scholars Program to find out more. 

Established Programs

Maternal and Child Health Leadership Consortium

Leaders are intentional in their reflection and action…and finding a group of peers that challenge you to be your best self is critical.

The MCH Leadership Consortiumat UNC was just that! Faculty leaders from Public Health, Allied Health, Dentistry and Social Work in partnership with community leaders in the field of developmental disabilities—really rocked the status quo. 

The program gained the attention of the Department of Health and Human Services by publishing significant positive outcomes related to interprofessional partnerships and leader skills. Over 15 states and University Centers of Excellence in Developmental Disabilities adopted aspects of this model and they continue to shape future leaders.
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MS Step UP

Leaders are driven by a vision and passion—and then put that vision into action.

MS Step Up, now adopted by several Universities, was born from Dr. Rosenberg’s personal interest in Multiple Sclerosis—and attracting the best and brightest PT students to learn about the unique aspects of the disease.

The program is considered unique in the health care field, partnering an Academic training program with a disease-focused organization to train future health care leaders. Founded by Dr. Rosenberg in 2005, in collaboration with the Greater Carolinas Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the MS Step Up Training Program prepares graduate level Physical Therapists to work with individuals with MS.

National Interprofessional Leadership Learning Collaborative

“You build it….they’ll come”! Transformational leaders don’t stop with “their own” organization…they inspire and teach others to replicate the good stuff. This intensive year-long train-the-leaders grant was awarded to Dr. Rosenberg and colleagues, at UNC-CH, to engage 15 academic leadership training program leaders, in adopting the Maternal and Child Health Leadership Consortium Intensive training model. The grant involved University programs from across the U.S. including the University of Southern California, the University of Indiana, the University of Texas, and University of Maine, among others.

NC Department of Public Instruction Tier I Leadership Initiative

Training over 500 healthcare professionals in every county in NC in one year! Impossible?!

But that was just the beginning…

In this multi-year leadership development program, Dr. Rosenberg created and facilitated training for over 500 educators, social workers, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, working with children with disabilities in the North Carolina public schools. The program involved leadership development skill building including the Enneagram, conflict resolution, team development skills, and tools to navigate organizational change.

Health Professional Leadership Education

Since 2000, Dr. Rosenberg has been a leader in the development and evaluation of nationally recognized leadership development curriculum for graduate and post-graduate fellows studying to work in the field of developmental disabilities and public health. Partners include the Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The University of Arizona, and The University of Florida.

Leadership Associates

Fast Track

Show me a healthy leader and I’ll show you a host of support systems: mentors, colleagues, peers. Truth tellers.

Inside Out has been fortunate to identify a strong system of supports. Partners "have your back" and "up your game" and Claudia and Ruben Fernandez have done just that for Inside Out! Claudia, a long time collaborator and friend--moves me forward....and Fast Track has an incredible library of leadership modules! Link to Fast Track. 

The University of Arizona
A very dear colleague and friend, Sydney Rice, from the U of A LEND Program once shared with me that I was their "Bear"---a totem of strength. What I came to discover is that, in fact, the University of Arizona LEND is my bear ...


Because….Reaching Out is “In”!

Dr. Rosenberg has collaborated in the design and development of a number of nationally recognized programs.   She believes partnerships are essential to innovation—and she works with others to combine best practices from her years of experience with creative designs.

The results?  Take a look…..​