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What Personality Type Are You?​

Nine Perfect Petals: The Enneagram for Flower Gardeners brings readers on a spirited, informative journey to answer that question, following the Enneagram personality typology through the lens of flower gardening. The ancient system of the Enneagram describes nine distinct personas, each reflecting a core, divine quality that connect and differentiate us as fellow humans.

In her witty and well-researched prose, Dr. Angela Rosenberg uses gardening practices and particular flowers to help readers know and appreciate the nine types. Chapters detail characteristics, strengths, challenges, and pathways for individuals to grow and become more resourceful. Additionally, she offers practical advice for avoiding common pitfalls that often operate unconsciously. Flower meanings and essences are suggested as another flower-power mechanism to achieve well-being.

Thought-provoking quotes and beautiful, original drawings make this book a must for any reader interested in the Enneagram, and for every gardener who seeks to understand their own personality—and blossom.

Eminently sharable, you’ll want all your family, friends, and coworkers to discover their types.


* 2021 Independent Book Award Finalist *
Nine Perfect Petals: The Enneagram for Flower Gardeners

Written by Angela Rosenberg 
Illustrated by Ng Hui Jing

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